Want to save money on travel expenses
and fully enjoy sightseeing?

Then bus trips from Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto to famous tourism areas like Tokyo, Nagano, Kanazawa, Arima Onsen, Nagoya, Shirahama, Izumo and Hiroshima are perfect for you!
Have a relaxed and carefree journey and fully enjoy your sightseeing destination!



  • Kobe/Osaka/Kyoto
    → Shinjuku/Tokyo

    One way from3,500 yen

  • Osaka/Kyoto
    → Nagano

    One way from3,500 yen

  • Osaka → Kanazawa

    One way from2,000 yen

  • Osaka → Nagoya

    One way from1,500 yen

  • Osaka → Arima Onsen

    One way from1,000 yen

  • Osaka/Kyoto → Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets

    One way from1,000 yen

  • Osaka → Shirahama

    One way from2,980 yen

  • Kyoto → Izumo

    One way from5,480 yen

  • Osaka → Hiroshima

    One way from3,100 yen

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* As of March 2017

When traveling to Tokyo, the JR Expressway Bus “Dream”, recommended by AKB48’s Yui Yokoyama, the Dream Bus Ambassador, is convenient!

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Enjoy famous tourist attractions as soon as you alight from the bus!Recommended tourist spots by city

Arima Onsen: Arima Hot Springs

0 minute on foot from Arima Hot Springs

One of Japan’s three ancient hot springs, it is counted as one of Japan’s three top hot springs by philosopher Razan Hayashi and in the essay “Makura no Soushi”. Naturally, the surrounding area is an onsen town, allowing you to take a relaxed stroll or enjoy the Kinsen and Ginsen public baths.

Kobe: Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets

0 minute on foot from Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets

A shopping mall where you can shop for popular brand products from Japan and overseas at bargain prices. There are direct buses from the Kyoto and Osaka Station Expressway Bus Terminals, allowing you to enjoy shopping as soon as you alight from the bus.

Shirahama: Toretore Market

0 minute on foot from Toretore Market

One of West Japan's largest fresh seafood markets. The local fishery co-op runs the market, so you can enjoy exquisite dishes and purchase fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Why not experience the energetic atmosphere unique to a market like this?

Kanazawa: Kenrokuen

Approx. 20 minutes on foot from JR Kanazawa Station

A Japanese garden designated as a special scenic spot of Japan. Counted along with Okayama City’s Korakuen and Mito City’s Kairakuen as one of Japan’s top three gardens, this famous garden was given the Michelin Green Guide’s top rating of three stars in 2009.

Izumo: Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

Approx. 40 minutes by train from JR Izumoshi Station

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine is said to be the location where gods across Japan gather in October. It is so historic that it is featured in mythology.

Hiroshima: Atomic Bomb Dome

Approx. 10 minutes on foot from Hiroshima Bus Center

A building left as it was in order to convey to future generations the terrible nature of the nuclear atom bomb being dropped during WW2 in 1945. With the hope that such a tragedy does not happen again, it is known as “negative” World Heritage Site.

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For buying tickets after arriving in Japan,
visit the “Osaka Bus Ticket Center”!

Osaka Station JR Expressway Bus Terminal (JR Osaka Station)

Secure and easy to understand in four language notation · broadcast

Approx. 2 minutes on foot from
JR Osaka Station Central Gate ticket gates.
A waiting room is also available,
so you can have a pleasant wait before departure.

Main destinations of Osaka Station JR Expressway Bus terminal

  • Kanto region:

    Tokyo/Shinjuku/Tokyo Disneyland/Yokohama/Omiya/Tokorozawa
  • Tokai region:

  • Hokuriku region:

  • Kinki region:

    Shirahama/Awajishima (Sumoto)/Arima Onsen/Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets
  • Chugoku region:

  • Shikoku region:


Access to the Bus Terminal

  1. 1Go left after exiting
    the central ticket gates

  2. 2Go towards
    the North Central Gate

  3. 3You will arrive
    at the Osaka Station
    JR Expressway Bus Terminal
    when exiting
    the North Central Gate